you're invited.

It’s time for more Indie Craft Parade news! We are about a month (eek!) away from the main event, and this time we’re planning to kick things off with a Friday night VIP Gala. I am so excited about this addition to the event, and you are invited!

Indie Craft Parade VIP

As if Indie Craft Parade isn’t cool enough by itself, this VIP Gala adds a whole extra level of specialness. Tickets for the Gala are $25 each, and ticket holders get a first look at all the artists work, as well as a chance to win some of the amazing handmade goods. There will also be food, drinks, music and a few artists demonstrating their crafts.

Indie Craft Parade is still free Saturday and Sunday, but if you were scared off by the crowds or the lines last year, the VIP Gala is where you want to be. Tickets are limited, so reserve yours today. We’d love to see you there!

Just a note: This VIP night allows us to keep Indie Craft Parade going year after year, and continue to keep costs low for our artists, so consider investing in the Greenville arts community in this way. I promise you won’t be disappointed!