The Sourwood.

To celebrate our seventh anniversary last week, Andrew and I headed into the mountains near Asheville. If not for my curiosity, the entire trip would have been a surprise. But it was probably just as much fun knowing that we were headed to The Sourwood Inn.

This was our first stay there, and everything about it was even more wonderful than we could have expected! The Inn is just outside Asheville, but it’s five miles up a winding mountain road and by the time you get there, it feels like you’re a million miles from the rest of the world.

It was the perfect place for a getaway.

We declared a technology-free weekend, and it was fabulous! At the Inn, there’s one TV in the entire building (that I never saw on), walking trails and pups to accompany you on them, a game room with a pool table, darts and ping pong, not to mention the rooms themselves that have amazing views and wood-burning fireplaces!

The view from the bathtub. Seriously.

I took these photos right before we left, but other than that and one quick reference to Google Maps, we had a great weekend spent together without the ‘help’ of modern technology. Andrew even brought the LOMO film camera I gave him a few years ago and we took some photos with it, and I can’t wait to see how those turn out.

I want to tell everyone I know about this place, and at the same time I want to keep it to myself. We were so impressed with the service and helpfulness of the staff while we were there. Here’s just one example: I recently learned I may have an allergy to wheat, so I’ve been avoiding it where possible. When I turned down a piece of cake at dinner one night and explained why, there were gluten-free pancakes waiting for me the next morning!

Needless to say, we enjoyed our stay and would highly recommend it to others. If you’re ever in need of a getaway, The Sourwood Inn is the perfect place to do it!