special delivery.

Several months ago, I bought a Living Social deal for Milk & Honey Organics. Last week, I called to place my order, scheduled the delivery, then forgot all about it. When I got home from work on Thursday there was a cooler and a bunch of bananas waiting for me. What a great surprise! I was excited about the idea of having fresh food delivered to my door, but look at how much wonderful produce was packed in that cooler!

Taking these pictures reminded me of the last time I had this many veggies on my kitchen table.

We’ve eaten most of the bananas, but the delivery also included: tomatoes, fresh greens, broccoli, cauliflower, parsley, sweet potatoes, chard, apples, pears, and peas.  

As always, by this time of the year, my garden has long been scorched by the South Carolina summer, so all this fresh produce is even more exciting! Now, to figure out how to prepare and eat chard.