speaking of handmade

You’ll want to read this thought provoking post from Etsy, tracing the history of fashion through the years. Two fascinating points:

· We now only make 3% of our apparel in the United States, down from 90% in 1955.
· In 1930, the average American woman owned an average of nine outfits. 

Also, today you’ll find me interviewed at the Yellow Elm blog, so make sure you visit Elizabeth Blanton’s site to read it!Yellow Elm

In other news:
· Applications for Indie Craft Parade are open — and are so much more efficient than last year, thanks to DUO Interactive!
· Indie Craft Parade now has its own blog.
· The Handmade Nation screening was a success. I particularly loved the discussion afterward! So many great questions and comments to think about.
· My garden is actually growing! Pictures to come.