Simplicity: before and after.

One of the most rewarding kinds of design projects for me is when I get to take something that is average and/or boring and turn it into something beautiful. Good design can make anything more interesting and easy to use.

This company, Simplicity Law knew that even the smallest touch point for their brand needed to be considered. They asked me to turn this standard questionnaire into a branded PDF to distribute to new clients. Redesigning this intimidating 6-page document transformed it into a simplified, easy-to-follow checklist that strengthened their brand.

If you’ve never given much thought to the documents your clients and customers interact with, it might be time to take a look. These interactions are just as important as the larger, more visible design projects. Sometimes they can even be more meaningful when they truly make life easier for your clients โ€” ever had to sit in a Doctor’s office filling out your name and address multiple times on multiple forms? or try to make sense of a huge legal document that’s all set in the same size type?

Take some time to consider what your documents are telling people about your company. Is it organized? boring? complicated? uncreative? Make sure you’re sending the right message.