simple updates.

Last weekend, I dusted off my sewing machine to make my first project in months — if you can even call it a ‘project’. I’m sharing it because this is a good reminder that creativity doesn’t have to be complicated.

About a decade ago, my sister and I were both proud owners of floor length formal skirts, purchased for Homecoming Banquets. I decided to find out if my mom still had them hanging around and try to resurrect one for my company Christmas party.

The inspiration: I needed something fancy to wear to a party and I remembered a skirt that might have potential (and would save me a trip to the mall).

Step 1: Measure and cut. I knew I wanted the finished skirt to fall above the knee. Measuring that approximate length with it on let me know where to cut.

Hem. This skirt had a lining so I finished each layer with a tiny hem like the original had. Because this was such a full skirt, it seemed to take forever!

And it turned out exactly like I had hoped — a fun party outfit for $0. And I was able to turn an outdated skirt into something worth hanging on to.

I can’t believe I forgot how rewarding little quick projects like this can be!