shifting seasons.

A new season of life is beginning at our house, and it seems only appropriate that outside the weather is making a corresponding shift. Cooler days and nights have ushered us into a season of apple picking, boot wearing, and cider drinking.

About the time the weather began to change, our little Eleanor Angelene Ramos was born. She came just two days after we wrapped up this year’s Indie Craft Parade.

Somehow, that was four and a half weeks ago.

If I had to describe the past few weeks, I would use the words surreal and unhurried. It’s a very strange season of quiet and yet unrest. We’ve had to slow down drastically to accommodate the needs of this new little one. But that means enjoying our house more: sitting on the front porch and getting to know our neighbors, enjoying more walks and a new definition of family time. We are not typically routine people, but I’m already beginning to crave consistency in this new normal (especially when it comes to sleep!).

Thankfully, we’ve been supported by amazing friends and family sharing food and advice. Everything is new and I don’t know of another month in our lives where we’ve learned so much so fast!

For now, I’m ready to pull out my sweaters, eat some pumpkin muffins and enjoy this amazing season.