settling in.

The last few weeks have been full of friends and good food. I’m so grateful for this house that gives us room to share and for friends to share it with!

September group dinner, photo by Erin Godbey

I’ve barely taken any photos lately. I’m fighting the urge to try and make our house ‘just right’ first, and working to enjoy this in-between phase we’re in at the moment. I’ll admit it’s been nice to have people over in spite of the unsettled-ness. It’s cozy. And a tad messy. And it feels real.

Also, I didn’t realize quite how settled in we were at the other house. It’s definitely going to take some time for this house to feel like ours, but I’m excited because Fall is coming and there will be baking and organizing and more friends and family time. All good reasons to enjoy these moments and not rush things.