real life.

Like almost every other blog keeper out there (and participant in any kind of social media really), I am guilty of selective sharing. Posting only the pretty pictures, talking about the high points of life and making the life I want, look like the one I have. And while it all may be true, everyone knows that life isn’t always photo or status-worthy. There are days of disappointment in between the high moments that are hard to get through, much less talk about publicly. 

This week has been peppered with those in-between moments. Stressful workdays, disappointment in our search for a new house, never-ending to do lists on every front, and the recurring thought that nothing in life is certain.

This morning I stayed home from church — something I have to work hard not to feel guilty about. But God doesn’t require church attendance or anything else in exchange for His love. Instead of judgment, He reminds me that His faithfulness is never ending.

Morning by morning

new mercies I see
All I have needed
Thy hand has provided
Great is Thy Faithfulness, Lord
Unto me.

I think I’ve convinced myself that I need a new house to really be happy. And I overlook the truly good things in the life I have right now. Underneath all the clutter that drives me crazy and the never ending dog fur is a wonderful husband who knows it’s more important to take me out to eat than to let me insist we stay home and wash dishes. And there’s a pup who loves me unconditionally and snuggles with me on sad rainy days. Even better, I have a God whose plan I can trust. I don’t have to pretend that everything is good all the time because even in my disappointment, God is providing what I need.