read more.

Typically I stick with tangible, measurable goals if I’m going to make a resolution. But in 2014 (and probably every year before that if I’m being honest) on my unwritten list of wishes was a vague ‘Read More’.

Not long after (last) New Years, I had a conversation with some literary friends who told me about I liked the idea and joined (it’s free!) in January.

A smattering of books I read in 2014

A smattering of books I read in 2014

Without stressing about it or feeling pressure when I didn’t have time to read, Goodreads was helping me accomplish my goal and I didn’t even realize it. I was surprised to log in last month and find out that I actually read 12 books in 2014. Of course, I didn’t finish as many books as I started, but averaging a book every month in a year that also brought a baby into our lives feels like a huge feat!

Along the way, I rediscovered the amazing resource we have in the public library. Of the books I read, I own only five of them. Five were borrowed from the library (I later purchased one of them for myself and as a gift). And two books were borrowed from a friend.

The complete list of 2014 books.

For me, the biggest advantage of the Goodreads service is that book recommendations now have a place to live. Previously my system for keeping track of books I wanted to read included notes or emails to myself, to-do items, and post-it notes. Having a place to keep these suggestions ended up being a game changer.

If your list of 2015 resolutions includes ‘Read More’, I definitely recommend this as a tool you can use to make it happen. They even have an app, so you can add books you want to read on the go.