Property taxes and Prague.

I’ll try not to go on and on about our time in Europe because I’m sure anyone reading this gets the point: we loved it! Just a few more posts, and then I’ll get back to normal topics.

Today I paid property taxes on my car: which I decided is one more reason not to own a car. After using public transportation consistently for a month in Prague, Andrew and I decided we’d get rid of our car in an instant if we lived in a city that had adequate public transportation. They day after we arrived in Prague, Sarah explained how the tram timetables worked, and with that knowledge, the month-long transportation passes David had picked up for us, and our trusty map, I felt confident we could get anywhere we needed to go in the city. I have to say, it was pretty empowering, considering the fact that we didn’t know the language or really much else about Prague at that point.

We also did a lot more walking there than we ever do here (in spite of all the rain) so by the time we left, we really felt like we had learned the lay of the city. Above are a couple photos of the trams (all above ground, run on electric lines) and then the metro (underground, like NYC’s subway system).

Of course, we had to take the obligatory tourists-in-front-of-the-metro shot.