Plane View

I absolutely love flying.

There’s something about seeing the world from above that fascinates me. The patterns, natural and man-made always take me by surprise. They’re invisible from the ground, and I feel privileged to see them revealed from overhead. Andrew always (graciously) lets me have the window seat, and I stare out until all that’s left to look at are clouds โ€” which, fortunately are just as fascinating to me.

This was our view flying into Amsterdam. Fields of flowers, and fields waiting for flowers. I didn’t have my camera out in time to catch the red ones but you can see them in the distance. Amsterdam is where we both entered and exited the European continent. Because of new rules to make travel between countries easier, the Amsterdam stamp is also the only one in our Passports, in spite of our visiting three other countries.

We made an effort to bring back useful and meaningful souvenirs for our family members. I’ll be sure to share some of the wonderful things we found, but one of my favorites was bringing tulip bulbs home from The Netherlands for the gardeners in the family.