Plan, to be surprised.


Photo by Paige French

Life has a way of running everything together, so that before one thing is completely done, another has already begun. I suppose this is how weeks and months can pass by unnoticed, and somehow we realize that it’s almost April.

This collision of timing is exactly what happened when — in the middle of planning for The Makers Summit (which was a super inspiring, beautiful, wonderful day!) — Andrew and I learned that we were expecting a baby.

In the past few weeks, we’ve finally been able to tell friends and family. And while it’s early on this road we’ve never been down before, it’s already been full of surprises.


So far, I’ve been surprised:

· that as soon as I found out I was pregnant, I immediately wanted to only think/talk/pin about baby and pregnancy things. This is a very strange thing for someone who hasn’t spent much time thinking about having children of my own. And difficult because we couldn’t tell anyone for a little while.

· about how absolutely exhausted I’ve been

· that I haven’t had more compassion for my pregnant friends in the past

· that I’m not too concerned about eating healthy just because I’m pregnant. Most of the time I find myself just trying to find something to eat that sounds decent, which has begun to include cheetos and pop tarts.

· by the overwhelming support and encouragement from friends and family. I have to admit that as our friends without kids have dwindled over the past nine years, there were times I felt like new babies meant somehow I would lose a friend. A ‘loss of solidarity’ is how another friend put it. And while I know in my heart that it’s silly, I also know that I have friends out there who may feel the same way. Andrew and I have felt so much support from our friends — both parents and non-parents — and it’s meant so much to us.

· by the heartburn. So much awful heartburn!