If you’re looking for something fun to do that’s out of the ordinary, you’ll want to mark your calendars for the upcoming Pecha Kucha Night in Greenville. It’s next Tuesday, July 27th, at the Warehouse Theatre in downtown Greenville. It costs $5 per person, and it’s definitely worth it! We attended the last one in March and had a really great time! I was fascinated by the concept of this event, so let me explain it quickly.

First, Pecha Kucha is in no way pronounced like you might think. It’s Pe-CHALK-cha, and it’s a Japanese phrase that loosely translated, means “chit chat”.

Each presenter works within the same guidelines: 20 slides x 20 seconds per slide. In total, a speaker has 6 minutes, 40 seconds to present their idea, and the next speaker comes on stage. It’s an intriguing way to learn about a variety of topics in a short amount of time. As an audience member, it’s fast-paced and engaging, especially since the topics range from anything to everything.

There are actually Pecha Kucha events taking place all over the world at various times, so if you’re nowhere near Greenville, SC, you can still check out the main site and see if there are any near you.

I’m honored to be one of the presenters on Tuesday, and while I am certainly no public speaker, I’m definitely excited about this opportunity. Come out and see what Pecha Kucha Night is all about. I really think you’ll be glad you did!

Update: You can now see the presentation online.