Peace, Love and Soap.

This is follow up to my previous post.

Going to our downtown Saturday Market has become a fun practice for Andrew and I this summer, and this week I was particularly looking forward to one vendor there. The Peace, Love and Soap company. They have a booth at the market each week, and I also just learned that their products are now available at (the Greenville) Whole Foods and Mast General. I am so excited about this for them!!! 

I bought a bar of their Tea Tree soap (not yet available at Whole Foods!) which I already feel so much better about using!

In the past year, I’ve tried to be more aware of what I eat, and what I choose to put into my body. For example: buying more local foods, avoiding highly-processed foods, etc. But until watching that video, I have never consciously stopped to think about the things I put on my skin, and allow into my body that way. My take on the issue: while I agree that the government needs to be held responsible for products they approve to be sold, I also feel that responsibility falls on the consumer as well. We need to ask questions, and find out what people are selling us, whether that’s in our food or in our beauty products. I’m very glad that someone took the time to make this video and make me aware that this is something I need to be asking questions about!

A friend directed me to Cosmetics Database, where you can look up products you use and learn if they’re safe or not. I will definitely be seeking out more alternative products (like Peace, Love and Soap) both locally and online!