The Paper Shop.

I couldn’t wait to show you this great little Papir shop we stumbled across on a side street in Prague. I loved this store! To me, it’s a perfect example of doing one thing very well. They are a paper shop. Period. They have all types, shades, and sizes of paper and envelopes, stacked neatly in beautiful wooden shelves. I wish I could tell you the name of this shop. We went there twice, but I only remember the sign saying ‘Papir’.

The shop was made up of two small rooms. You can see the entire place (excluding the checkout counter) in these photos. I love uncluttered stores like this. No random impulse purchases by the counter just trying to get me to spend money. No unnecessary options. If I’m here, it’s to buy paper. Simple concept.

[They do carry a small collection of pens and pencils and simple notebooks, which seem to be a logical extension of the paper goods.] I so wish something like this could survive in Greenville, but I have my doubts. (Believe me, we talked through logistics!) A paper shop in the States would most likely mean stocking items like scrapbook paper and the like โ€” which is an entire industry I have a hard time with (some overpriced prepackaged creativity anyone?). Sorry, small design soapbox there. Back to the logistics. Renting a retail space for something this specific probably wouldn’t be very practical either. But the good news is: there are still places where amazing stores like this one still exist. And I have pictures we can all drool over! Aren’t the colors just wonderful? And so happy, arranged by shade?