a taste of New York.

One of my favorite parts about visiting New York is the wonderful shops and restaurants on every block. We had great success with food on this trip, probably because most of the places we went were recommended to us by friends who live there.

The first morning we hit up 5 Leaves, where we devoured our food before I ever thought of taking a photo of it. So we took one of ourselves instead, happy to have just eaten such amazing food and already loving our vacation.

Some of the other meals we had (some pictured, some not): gouda mac & cheese, meatballs from The Meatball Shop, cannoli and gelato at Fortunato Brothers, a burger and amazing macaroni & cheese at Brinkley’s, The Best Chocolate Cake in the World (quite possibly true), and Grimaldi’s Pizza.

We also made our way out to Brook Farm General Store, a beautifully curated collection of goods that we discovered online last year. It was a must-see on our list, and well worth the walk!

One of my favorite stops was By Brooklyn, just a few blocks from our hotel. This shop was handmade heaven. Everything in it — from chocolates and food to jewelry and skin care — was made by Brooklyn-ers.  I absolutely love the concept of this uber-local store, complete with regular classes and tastings. If you’re ever in Brooklyn, and want a taste of what’s local, make sure you find your way to this shop!