life is good.

Last week included a hike to a waterfall for an OOBE photo shoot. I really can’t remember the last time I’ve gone hiking. It was good to be reminded of the amazing beauty so close to home.

It was a busy week, but full of wonderful things, even beyond waterfalls. For the first time ever, I took time off for my birthday and spent the whole day with Andrew. It was one of the best long weekends ever โ€” packed full of friends, lots of good food and reminders everywhere that life is good.

Things like:

meeting baby Pearl
helping friends move to Greenville
birthday shopping at Williams-Sonoma
chatting with Aunt Helen
our first visit to The Owl
bonfire (and s'mores) with friends
the Greenbrier Farms plant sale
filling up the garden again
brunch in Atlanta
the High Museum with friends