it’s a simple question.


The eve of my 32nd birthday seems like a great time for some reflection. Apparently this season of life is all about finding my limits, which includes the difficult lesson of learning how to say “No”.

Being a people pleaser at heart means I’m pretty bad at saying no. And you know what’s even harder, is saying no to good things that just aren’t right for me at this moment.

We’re in the middle of re-focusing and clarifying the mission of Indie Craft Parade. As a result, I’m having to come to terms with my own personal goals and motivations. To say it’s been healthy is an understatement.

Here’s what I’m currently saying yes and no to:

YES to creating more margins in our lives. Intentional negative space.
YES to a more flexible definition of productivity with a (now crawling!) baby.
NO to more stuff. Feeling the need to purge and clean house of all the excess.
NO to more commitments and projects. This should just officially become my life motto: “Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should”.
NO to wanting everyone else’s lives, houses, clothes, etc.
NO to perfection at the cost of real relationships.