hello, goodbye.

I can hardly believe the Parade has come and gone. This year went even smoother than last, and I enjoyed it more than I ever expected I could. Stress levels were way lower — maybe since we knew a little more what to expect — but I suspect it had more to do with the number of amazing volunteers we had. Somewhere between taking shopping breaks, I realized that all the work I put into Indie Craft Parade is probably for myself!

I love this event through and through. It’s a combination of all the things I love — art, craft, design, Greenville, new friends, good food. I feel so privileged to work on this with Erin for months and months, and then watch all the pieces come together in a single short weekend.

The booth where I spent most of my money, by erin elizabeth

I have lots more to say and purchases to share, but for now — if you missed Indie Craft Parade this year, you can see photos of the artists and their work in our growing Flickr pool. I hope these images can communicate even a little bit of the inspiration that was Indie Craft Parade!