hard graft.

Several months ago, I traded my old Apple laptop for a sleek new MacBook Air. I LOVE my new computer, and so began the task of finding a case suitable for it. I dug through page after page on Etsy, searching for just the right one. In fact, I was planning to do a roundup blog post on all the great cases I found.

Problem is, I couldn’t find enough I liked and would recommend!

I wanted a beautiful handmade case. And having sewn a few things over the years, I'm  pretty picky about quality. I know that I could make myself a case, but I’d rather buy something that’s better quality than I can do at home on my sewing machine. None of the fabrics I saw were right (I have a hard time with patterns), and there are so many (expensive!) ones on the market with bad or uneven stitching!

After lots of searching online, I finally found the one I wanted. But it cost a fortune.

So for months now, I’ve been carrying around my new laptop in one of these (not even joking) while I saved up for the case I really wanted. And last Friday, it arrived!

I have to say, the packaging only confirmed my decision to splurge on this case. I took photos so I could share the Hard Graft experience.

Each case is handmade. Which means the attention to detail is unbelievable.

Aside from quality materials and construction, another factor that sold me on this case was the design. I needed something that covered the computer completely. The MacBook Air is super slim (aka kind of slippery) and I felt like a case with any open side would be risky since it could easily slide out.

There are many other similar cases on the market now, but I remembered this company and their products from years ago when they called themselves Working Class Heroes. Even then, their detailed but simple designs stood out to me, and they were the first company I saw creating industrial felt + leather computer cases. In a world of copycats, original ideas are worth honoring. And when a company is doing something so well, I don’t think there’s any reason to settle for someone else’s version. It was definitely worth saving up for!