handmade holidays.

I’m always a bit nervous to take the official handmade pledge. Mostly because I know that while I love hand-crafted goodness, not everyone has the same appreciation for handmade things. Plus, in years past, I would have tried to do all the hand-making myself, but I like to think I’ve become wiser this year, realizing (a) I’m not superwoman, and (b) there are a lot of really talented people out there making things much better than I ever could.

Also forefront in my mind this year was the fact that Andrew and I have been working to simplify and de-clutter our lives and our home. This made me look harder than ever to find meaningful and useful gifts for others. The great news is that when all the shopping was said and done, I’d given a lot more handmade gifts this year than I expected!

Because I’m a designer, and a bit of a nerd, I made a chart (using Daytum) that shows where the gifts we gave came from. I think visualizing data is the best way to understand it.