Greenville's History

Earlier this week, BibliOdyssey posted about the Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps, specifically their typography. Follow this link to read his post and learn more about the history of these intriguing maps!

Since I discovered them a few years ago they have been a source of pure fascination for me. It’s so interesting to see how our city has changed and evolved. I can’t count the number of times I’ve looked up historical buildings to see if I could find out when they were built, and what they were used for in the past. It’s such an amazing glimpse into our city’s history. I wanted to post a few more detailed screenshots of Greenville’s collection for you.

The earliest map on record for Greenville is from 1884

By 1902 the city had grown substantially.

Look for Huguenot Mill (where Indie Craft Parade was held) in the middle of this 1888 map.

The current Barley’s location apparently used to be a hardware store!

The building at the corner of Mulberry & West Washington is now home to Cowork.

Hopefully these will spark your interest, and you’ll go explore the Sanborn Maps for yourself at the University of South Carolina’s Digital Collection.