game night

We’re making a concerted effort to step back (even a half-step is good) from technology and the role it currently plays in our lives. Andrew and I had a great conversation about this on Tuesday, and it resulted in us turning the TV off and having not one, but two game nights at our house this week.

We’ve had game nights before, but there are only so many two-person board and card games that are actually fun. And while we love game nights with friends, they require planning ahead, and there’s something nice about impromptu games. Now that Melanie is back for school and can join us, game night just got way better.

If you haven’t played any board games with your family or friends lately, make time for it this week. It’s been refreshing to spend quality time together —  in spite of all our competitive natures and Andrew’s ruthless Monopolizing.

Tonight, the trend continues.