Recent Projects: Part 2

Projects I’ve been working on for Greenbrier’s event, continued…

Part 2: Food & Craft

For Christmas last year, I made my niece a set of felt food. She has loved it, and it was an incredibly fun and rewarding project for me.

In the last few months, I’ve learned a lot about the importance of local food, eating healthier, and even encouraging kids to eat healthy. What better complement to the produce Greenbrier sells than to offer a play version for kids?

I found most of the patterns for this food online, so I am not claiming originality here. This just seemed like an excellent chance to merge a few of the things I love: food, craft and gardening. I modified some of the instructions slightly, and winged it on the lettuce. If you’re interested in making your own felt food, I can confidently direct you to the following resources:

strawberries (modified)
carrots (modified)
many many other foods that would be fun to make

note: the felt I used for the majority of these pieces is actually made entirely from recycled plastic bottles. I had never used this kind of felt before, but I was very pleased with the results!

Come out and see us at Greenbrier Farms this weekend! This Saturday from 9am-3pm!