I discovered the mo+mo living site last week. The philosophy of “paring to what is essential + valued + beautiful” resonates with me so much! I feel like I’ve been on a quest for the last year to simplify and purge my life of ‘stuff’. It’s way too easy for things (that are supposed to make life better) to take over. And it also seems difficult to reclaim simplicity, whether in the realm of food, work or simply living.

mo+mo living
image from mo+mo living.

This idea of editing and getting back to the basics is extremely appealing, especially when it’s broken down into bite-sized tips for actually making it happen.

A few super-inspiring (and relevant to me) pointers from the blog:

· focus on investing in well-made goods and on having fewer things

· avoid rushing into purchases and instead carefully curate over time

· clutter can come in the form of unfinished tasks

    · make a list of unfinished tasks

    · each day schedule time to do one thing on your list

    · complete unfinished projects

    · let go of projects that no longer interest you