A handmade Christmas.

This weekend, we’re hosting our first Indie Craft Parade Christmas show. If you’re in Greenville, you’ll definitely want to check it out. Over the past month, it’s grown from a small gathering of artists to a neighborhood party, including food trucks and open studios. I love having a front row seat to all the amazing things going on in our art district! This show has been fun to put together alongside all the normal holiday things going on. But it’s also made me do a little more thinking on why I care so much about handmade, especially this time of year.

Sometimes, it’s easy to look at handmade items and think ‘I could make that’.

Only in the last couple years have I realized that trying to make all my own Christmas gifts is a pretty terrible idea. Why, during the busiest time of year, am I choosing to stress myself out with so many projects, trying to learn multiple new skills and then give my first attempts as gifts?

Also, where did the thought come from that I have to do it all myself?

A few favorite gifts I’ve given and received, clockwise from top: Crocheted Dishtowels / Custom magnets from Jordan Grace Owens / Stainless Steel Tie Bar

It’s much more rewarding to honor those who are out there doing it. The people who have made it their career to perfect bookbinding, or sewing, or metalwork instead of just dabbling in it. The artists who deserve to make a living at this because they’re truly talented and passionate about their craft.

I want my money to support creativity, courage, and hard work. Buying handmade is just one way I know how to do that.