a collaborative effort.

Something I’m learning to appreciate more and more is good collaboration. I think some of the best products out there are a result of people with different strengths and passions coming together to create an end product that each party couldn’t have accomplished alone.

Since Andrew and I are both designers, we always want to design and produce our own Christmas cards. But for the first time in six years, we decided to look outside of our own capabilities and resources to produce something truly amazing.

We came up with our concept, inspired by our love for letterpress and these business cards. Our goal was to create something simple that highlighted the message but would also make people think about how it was created. We contacted Concrete Lace, an Atlanta-based letterpress printer who we met at Indie Craft Parade this year. Katie was great to work with, and was kind enough to send a few photos of the process over so I can share. Our card has a blind embossed (letterpressed) message on a beautiful heavyweight cotton stock. We then dip-dyed each card to add color and interest.

Below are a few photos of the process โ€” from letterpress to dyeing.

Concrete Lace Studio, photo courtesy of Katie Daniels

Letterpressed! photo courtesy of Katie Daniels

Testing the dipping process/mixing colors

Dipped cards drying

The final product

Although I love print design, I’m fascinated by the thought this card doesn’t use ink at all!